NW200 2014

 NW200Supersport 600cc Superstock 1000 Superbike
12-17 May 1st, DNF1st, 5th DNS, 3rd

We started off the week with two big wins on Thursday night, but that crash with Lee [Johnston] in Saturday’s Supersport race wasn’t what we were looking for. We did the sensible thing and sat out the next race, which was on the Superbike, but we have to be pleased with the podium in the North West 200 Superbike race. The whole team put in a big effort and we’ve come away with two wins, which if we’re honest – we’d have taken coming into the event. Our thoughts are with Simon Andrews who crashed in the Superstock race.

NW200 2013

 NW200Supersport 600cc Superstock 1000 Superbike
13-18 May 1st, 4th1st,  Race 2 cancelled due to bad weatherRaces cancelled due to bad weather

Link to NW200 race highlights from Thursday - click here 


NW200 2012

 NW200  Supersport 600Superstock 1000  Superbike
 14-19 May 2nd, 1st 1st, 2nd


1st in NW200 feature race

I can’t complain too much about those results. Three wins from six podiums and winning the big one: the North West 200 Superbike race – it was really nice to do it again. I didn’t think it was going to be my day after the red flag in the first Supersport race when I’d just caught William going onto the last lap; missing a gear while leading the first Superbike race; then losing out in Superstock race one when Michael Rutter won it on corrected time from the second group, even though I’d crossed the line first. It just shows that dreams can come true if you work hard enough. I’d like to thank to team for a big effort and hope our sponsors Tyco enjoyed their first North West 200.


NW200 2011

NW200 2010

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